To participate, please send your final wishes and a his res photo to:  everydayisdayofthedead@gmail.com

A Day of the Dead altar/installation by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario

Video in collaboration with Jeny Amaya

SI PERO NO is part of Self Help Graphic’s Pacific Standard Time /LALA group exhibition DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS: A CULTURAL LEGACY, PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

SI PER NO would not have been possible without the generous support and patience of Jeny Amaya, Betty Avila, Badly Licked Bear, Nao Bustamante, Drew Burritosaurus, Jamie McMurry, Emiliano Rios, Joe Seely, Linda Vallejo, Jan Williamson and all those who generously shared their final wishes.

I think a lot about the way I will die, and my funeral, much like many little girls think about their wedding day – who is going to witness this special occasion? What will I be wearing? Will it be spring or fall? Will I get there on time? Where will people be seated? Who is giving me away? What music will be playing,? Who is going to get drunk and make a scene? What kind of flowers will there be? Will the party be fun? Will there be an after party? Will it hurt? How long will it last before it is over?

Through video, photographs and text, SI PERO NO offers an intimate glimpse into the final fantasies, and many ways that friends, family and colleagues want to die, be remembered, celebrated, and in some cases, be forgotten. Spontaneous combustion in a La-Z-Boy recliner, hot air balloon tragedies, and merry go rounds are included in this sampler of death, dying, and celebration. SI PERO NO is a Day of the Dead altar in reverse. A meditation on the multitude of ways one could die, a proclamation of how we want to go on our own terms. Even though we know that Death has her own plans in store for us, this work is part fantasy, part offering to her, hoping she will grant one of the wishes contained in this work.

  • Marcus Kuiland-Nazario 2017

To participate, please send your final wishes and a his res photo to:  everydayisdayofthedead@gmail.com