Davis Birks

Food for Thought
To Glut then Rot
First to Feast
Then Feast to Be

I never liked the idea of being embalmed with all those chemicals pumped into the body…nor is the idea of being burnt to a crisp appealing to me. Both processes seem to be so wasteful of valuable nutrients.

I think the way I would best like to reintegrate with the universe would be through the digestive systems of the living organisms. Dump my body into the ocean and let the fish snack on me. Lay me out in a remote crevice of a northern mountain range and let the wolves, birds and mice pick at my bones. Bury my body at the foot of a beautiful tree where my flesh can feed the insects and plants among the roots.

Let’s take out any useful organs first that might be handy for someone else. And Then…

From Food to Dung to become Compost for new Life, that is the Way for Me.

Make myself Useful.