Jose Lozano

I would like to die unexpectedly. If not under a big shady tree on a sunny day, surrounded by those who truly love me. Someone should hold my hand and a soft breeze would¬†brush my face and head. I’d like to die in Juarez o El Paso. It is the most Rulfoesque place I’ve ever known. Life and death intermingle and ghosts hang out at laundromats at Marshall’s and the¬†Whataburgers, so the transition is not that dramatic. Once dead I can marvel at the cloud formations and visit Juarez without a three hour wait to cross the line back. I hope once gone I can continue to see all there is to see in this beautiful world, especially the green of the trees. Hope people will remember me as playful and grouchy about tarugadas and cruelty and smile some and sigh. I’m worth a good sigh.