Monica Moran

Monica Moran was known as The Creative Beast since her young adulthood. This moniker was given to her for her many creative activities and pursuits, which inspired many people around the world. Her surname, Moran, is one she took great pride in as she strived to live up to the Moran motto: “Lucent en tenebris”, which translates to “glow in the dark”. Monica worked to be a beacon of light and creativity in the world, to help adults reconnect to their innate creative impulse, and therefore to reconnect to their inherent humanity. This is how Monica Moran lived her life to make the world a better place.

While I fully understood all the feelings that happen with the loss of a loved one, my last wishes are to be celebrated with music, food, merriment and storytelling. Friends gathered to do just that at a special commemorative event, held at my home and creative studio, where guests will wear colorful party hats (made themselves based on one of my creative tutorials) and music of all kinds will be played as guests share their personal stories and memories of me. There will be more laughter than tears at the event, which will be in accordance with the last wishes of the deceased.