Sebastian Hernandez

Accepting death as part of life’s cycle is an extremely grounding and humbling belief which propels the way in which I see and think about the world. My love and desire to see the complex ways that materials and elements are inter connected; from rocks, to animals, to plants, to the weather, to micro organisms: allows me to consciously think about the past, the present and the future.

I believe my body is a vessel for my spirit. Per my unromantic and deconstructed ideals, detaching myself from a culturally normative funerary practice seems to be generative and forward thinking. Last year when I heard about artist Jae Rhim Lee’s eco-friendly “Infinity Burial Suit”, naturally I gravitated and resonated with her ideas about the body as a storage for toxins and how normative funerary practices contribute to the toxicity of the environment. The Infinity Burial Suit is made out of mushrooms that purposely decompose your body, cleanse it of its toxins and distribute nutrients back into the soil.