Elizabeth Day

I would love to do the thing where my body is turned into a diamond, but i don’t think the people I know (and my family is probably about to disown me) have the funds for that, so i will settle for having my ashes scattered in the tiber/tevere from the ponte sant’angelo in rome.  I figure that amongst all the people I know who are always saying how they are jealous of me going to Rome twice a year, someone will volunteer to do this for me if only to get to Rome. I wish i could say how I would like to be remembered, but at this point I am so confused by how I am perceived while still alive that it’s hard for me to say how I think I want to be remembered. Before my ashes are scattered in Rome, I would like there to be a big party for me, where no one is concerned about what they are eating and no one is wearing black. I want bright colors, music, singing and dancing. I don’t want anyone to have social anxiety. As the talking heads song says, “There is a party, everyone is there, everyone will leave at exactly the same time”.

When my mother, who was a teacher, died, I suggested we should donate her skeleton to a school. if not her school, then another school. my siblings denied my requested and called me weird. i later found out that she had mentioned wanting her skeleton to be donated to a school, so i felt vindicated but also sad that we hadn’t done what she wanted.  for this reason, i hope that all people who feel strongly about what should happen to them after they die have their wishes honored.