Jan Williamson

These days as I get older and ever so slightly more creaky and stiff, I think of my relatives, elders, and mentors now in their 80’s and 90’s.
Will I make it to their age? The most pressing question I grapple with is – what will my heart/mind be like as I get older? I’m not so worried about how I will die, or when, but what the quality of my mind is like. I’m constantly trying to form and cultivate good habits now so that my heart/mind becomes more, and more, and more, open and loving. When I was younger I wanted to accomplish “things”. Now I have the aspiration to tame all my inner critical chatter down to a occasional squeak and have my loving thoughts be a constant roar! So far the squeak-voice is still winning most of the time. As for ceremonies after I’m gone, I figure burn me up and put me under an oak tree. And if I die young there will be more folks there, and if I go out old – probably less. Except if I turn out like my Uncle Ron, who at 94 is still making new friends!